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Our Mission

Since 1986, we have been committed to helping you ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN the quality of a professionally managed property. We believe a professionally managed property contributes to making the best impression to owners, clients and customers.

Environmental Awareness:

Katsam sweeper trucks use water to control the dust from exiting the vacuum system which helps prevent the filtration of dust into the air, allowing for cleaner air and a cleaner environment. The sweeping process also removes the debris from the surface of the parking lot, preventing the debris from becoming a problem with storm water runoff.

Why Katsam?

  • Experienced and professional
  • Fast Response Time
  • Quality services guaranteed
  • Trained and Professional Employees
  • GPS system with verification
  • Quality control inspections
  • Dependable
  • One stop shopping for property services
  • Only certified Sweeping Company in Missouri
  • Reclam and Non Reclaim Power Wash Units Available

Katsam LLC
2450 Cassens Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

Phone: 314-423-7600
Fax: 314-423-7602

Katsam Enterprises

Katsam Enterprises

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