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About Katsam Property Services - St. Louis, MO

Posted on July 18th, 2019 by vapro
Parking Lot Sweeping | Katsam Enterprises

Our Mission

Since 1986, we have been committed to helping you achieve and maintain the quality of a professionally managed property. We believe a professionally managed property contributes to making the best impression to owners, clients and customers.

Environmental Awareness

Katsam sweeper trucks use water to control the dust from exiting the vacuum system which helps prevent the filtration of dust into the air, allowing for cleaner air and a cleaner environment. The sweeping process also removes the debris from the surface of the parking lot, preventing the debris from becoming a problem with storm water runoff.

Why Katsam?

  • Experienced and professional
  • Fast Response Time
  • Quality services guaranteed
  • Trained and Professional Employees
  • GPS system with verification
  • Quality control inspections
  • Dependable
  • One stop shopping for property services
  • Only certified Sweeping Company in Missouri
  • Reclaim and Non Reclaim Power Wash Units Available

Commercial & Residential
Property Maintenance Services

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