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Construction Cleanup Sweeping - St. Louis, MO

Posted on July 18th, 2019 by vapro
Construction Cleanup Sweeping | Katsam Enterprises

A mechanical broom sweeper is an efficient tool for sweeping large or heavy material such as mud, concrete, and gravel. Construction cleanup sweeping is available to help your crew cleanup on any shift.

  • Neat and clean entrance to construction zone.
  • Jobsite free of excess debris.
  • Capture and reuse some of your sand, rock, etc.
  • Clean up milling debris.

Benefits of Construction Cleanup Sweeping

Safety for the construction workers and surrounding area is the number one concern during any construction project. Streets can get dirty or even damaged. Local waterways and the air around construction sites can be easily polluted by the amount of dust being kicked up during a site build. Mud and debris can build up along the side of the road or even in the site, causing unsafe walkways and exponentially increasing the risk of danger.

Construction Cleanup Services

Construction Cleanup Sweeping | Katsam Enterprises

Katsam Property Services will help improve the overall image and safety of your construction site. We understand the challenges of construction sweeping and will help you keep your site clean and prevent debris from entering the storm drains. We’ll work with you to come up with a sweeping schedule that fits your needs and doesn’t interfere with regular working hours. Even a one-time cleanup sweep will save you time and money in the long run. Let Katsam help your construction company maintain a clean and safe image in your community.

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