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Nitehawk Raptor Sweeper in Stadium Parking Lot | Katsam Property Services

Commercial Power Sweeping & Cleaning Services - St. Louis, MO

Posted on July 18th, 2019 by vapro

Katsam Property Services provides superior service to commercial property managers throughout the greater St. Louis metro area. Since 1986, we’ve helped commercial property managers maintain properties that are welcoming to their tenants, potentials tenants and their tenants’ customers. Our parking lot sweeping, pressure washing, and porter services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each retail, office and industrial property customer.

Sweeping Services

Parking Lot Sweeping Services | Katsam Property Services

Parking Lot

Our parking lot sweeping service removes of trash and debris from the front and back areas of your property.

Street Sweeping Services | Katsam Property Services


Regularly scheduled street sweeping promotes cleaner and safer roads for your community and the environment.

Construction Sweeping Services | Katsam Property Services

Cleanup Sweeping

Construction site sweeping can improve the image of your jobsite and create a safer work environment.

Pressure Washing

Power Washing Services | Katsam Property Services


Remove gunk, mildew, and debris buildup from your property to improve overall appearance and lifespan.

Pressure Washing Services | Katsam Property Services

Pressure Washing

A greener approach in which water is recycled and filtered and used for hot or cold water pressure washing.

Cleaning & Hauling

Day Porter Services | Katsam Property Services

Day Porter

Vital daytime cleaning services that keep your building or jobsite running smoothly and efficiently.

Debris Hauling Services | Katsam Property Services

Debris Hauling

In the event of a large storm or general construction cleanup, we’ll haul away your oversized debris or waste.

Hotel Room Cleaning Services | Katsam Property Services

Hotel Room
Cleaning Services

We specialize in disinfecting and deep cleaning hotel rooms and facilities, customized to your unique needs.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services | Katsam Property Services


We also provide on-site janitorial services to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety protocol for commercial sites.

Vacancy Cleaning Services | Katsam Property Services

Vacancy Cleaning

Do you have an empty room or recently acquired job site? Make sure it is presentable to attract new tenants or businesses.

Commercial & Residential
Property Maintenance Services

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